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“MDM HERBAL: Crafting wellness naturally through Ayurvedic tradition since 2015.”

From Founder
"Elevate your self-care routine with trusted Ayurvedic formulations - Explore MDM HERBAL today."
Mrs. Durre Shahawar
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Our Story

Mrs. Durre Shahawar has conducted extensive research in Ayurveda, collaborating with eminent Ayurvedic researchers. She has thoroughly examined many ancient Ayurvedic herbal methods and related scriptures, with the primary aim of safeguarding the people of India from harmful chemical-based beauty products. In 2015, the company was established in Guntur town.

In 2016, “MDM HERBAL” commenced the production of handmade glycerine-based soaps, Ayurvedic herbal hair oils, and shampoos derived from natural sources. Under the brand name “MDM HERBAL,” the company offers a range of products to the people of India. In 2021, the company plans to introduce numerous new products to the market, thereby significantly enhancing the brand’s value and trust among consumers. Today, our company competes with various multinational corporations, manufacturing products in accordance with ancient Ayurvedic standards for the people of India.

In 2018, “MDM HERBAL” expanded its product line by introducing machine-manufactured Ayurvedic soaps in response to growing demand, making them widely available to the public.

Even during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of India have responded favorably to “MDM HERBAL” products, which we consider a blessing.

The sole mission of our organization is to share the remarkable benefits of our ancient Ayurvedic heritage with families across India and around the world.

All Skin Types

"Gentle care for every skin type - Explore our products suitable for all skin types."

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"Embrace the power of nature with our natural care products."

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